USL Limitations

Items that Pi Squared’s USL does not cover

Storage of Large Data

USL will delegate the responsibility of state data storage to external data availability providers like EigenLayer, Celestia, and Avail while ensuring data integrity. Furthermore, the extensive mathematical proofs generated by provers will not require storage as they are represented by their Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) counterparts.

Low-Latency Real-Time Processing

Generating proofs for transaction blocks is a resource-intensive process. Computations can be exceedingly complex, making real-time or low-latency processing infeasible as objectives for USL. It will use a parallel process of proof generation requests and ZK-based scalability measures to maintain scalability. As a universal layer, it must handle increasing participants and transactions while maintaining performance.

Privacy and confidentiality

Enhancing privacy beyond what ZKPs provide in USL is not a goal. The only information kept private in USL is the Matching Logic proof of computation correctness, which is purely for efficiency.

However, as USL evolves, we may consider additional privacy aspects for specific applications that require it.

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